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Beach Shelter Journeys | Top 10 South Australian Beaches

Beach Shelter Journeys | Top 10 South Australian Beaches

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If you're looking for a summer beach getaway, South Australia is the place to be this summer to set up your Beach Shelter. With its stunning coastline and variety of beaches, there's something for everyone.

Here are ten of the best South Australian beaches to visit and relax under your beach shade this summer.

Glenelg Beach
Henley Beach
Port Noarlunga Beach
Moana Beach
Second Valley Beach
Semaphore Beach
Christie's Beach
Sea Cliff Beach
Maslin Beach
Brighton Beach

Let's take a closer look ...

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is one of the most popular beaches in South Australia and for good reason. With its white sand and clear blue waters, it's the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun, and chill under one of our incredibly lightweight beach tents. There's also a variety of shops and restaurants located nearby, so you can make a day of it.


Henley Beach

Henley Beach is another great option for those looking for a beach getaway. With its wide open spaces and beautiful surroundings, it's the perfect place to unwind under one of our beach tents.

Henley Square, being right on the beach, is a local favorite for its stunning views and range of dining options. The kids will enjoy playing in the water fountains or at one of the many other interesting activities accessible, or for the adults, explore the pier or picnic in the vast grassy area. Also, don't forget to snap a photo under Henley Square's amazing futuristic beach shower!


Port Noarlunga Beach

Port Noarlunga, south of Adelaide, is not only a beautiful sand beach and transparent water site but a popular diving location. It's also a great place to relax under your beach tent which offers UV protection from the harsh sun rays.

The beach is sheltered by a natural barrier reef that runs the entire length of the shoreline, offering protection from big waves and harsh winds.


Moana Beach

Stop your search for now--Moana Beach will astound you with its natural beauty.

It's one of the few regions in South Australia where you can still drive your vehicle right up to the beach! This makes putting up beach tents, beach umbrellas, or camping tent simpler so that you may unwind and relax (don't forget your beach chairs and sun protection). Just be sure to stay above the high tide line to avoid getting your chosen sun shelter wet.

Moana is a popular spot for all types of beach shelters, you will see beach tents, pop-up beach shelters, cool cabanas, beach umbrellas and all types of sun shelters.


Second Valley Beach

Despite its small size, Second Valley has been recognized as one of Australia's top ten beaches. It's an excellent beach destination if you're looking for something different!

The beautiful beach is safe for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, and it's also a popular fishing spot with a little pier. On the left side of the pier, you may walk along the rocky shore or stroll on the right side where there is a tiny sandy beach.


Semaphore Beach

Located only 25 minutes from Adelaide, Semaphore is a beautiful spot on the Fleurieu Peninsula with stunning views of the city and other coastal areas. When summer arrives, it brings everything to life.

Semaphore is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, beach tent lovers, and history buffs alike.


Christie's Beach

Christie's is one of Adelaide's best-kept secrets, situated a little further from the CBD.

Take a look from your beach tent and take in the breathtaking natural beauty all around you. To the south are rocky cliffs, while to the north is a sea wall that borders the beach.

The location is not only close to the city, but also many things to do at Fleurieu Peninsula.


Sea Cliff Beach

Seacliff beach is a safe, sheltered place for the family to take a dip due to its beautifully curving shoreline.

Rent a SUP or boat and explore the region by water, which is known for a dolphin sighting or two or shelter you and the kids under one of our beach umbrellas (and avoid the harmful uv rays for a moment).


Maslin Beach

The beautiful cliffs of Maslin beach are a south Australian favorite. Maslin was actually Australia’s first nude beach. The 3km stretch of sand called Pilwarren Maslin Beach is a beautiful and unique spot that is a designated area for nude bathing (whether under a beach shade or not).

Even if you're not interested in baring it all, we still recommend a beach trip to this beautiful stop. Just be respectful and try not to stare!


Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is another cool choice for Adelaide residents. The esplanade of Brighton is no different. Take a walk down to Seacliff or north up to Somerton Park if you'd rather stay put.

If you would prefer to relax bring your own beach tent or beach umbrella to set up on the beach for your small family (or large), always remember sun protection to protect the kiddies.


Beach Tent Tips | Making the next Beach Shade use a breeze

Here is some practical advice & suggestions that will help ensure that your Beach Tent is ready to go after a long day at the beach in South Australia.

Make sure you have all the parts of your Beach Tents (excluding sand) before you leave the beach

Take a few minutes to check that you have everything that comes in your Beach Tent kit :

  • ●  Beach Shelter - 4 x Sand Pegs

  • ●  Beach Shelter - Carry Bag

  • ●  Beach Shelter - Peg Bag

  • ●  Beach Shelter - Hammer

  • ●  Beach Shelter - Pole Set

  • ●  Beach Shelter - Pole Stays

    You'll find our own carry bag will have enough space to easily fit all the quality materials of our lightweight beach tent and some of your small belongings.

    Don't forget to check the internal pockets in the beach shade before packing up any personal belongings, and of course, remember to take your beach towel and sun protection with you.

  • beach_shade_tropics
  • Easily clean beach shelter

    A day spent at the beach should be fun and relaxing, not worrying about your Beach Tent getting dirty. If your Beach Tent does happen to get marked up and dirty don't worry you are able to wipe it down and even a little cleaning agent won't harm the Byron Bay Beach Tent fabric.

  • beach_tent_retro_girl_under
  • Air It Out your Beach Shelter

While our sun shelters are water resistant, If your sun shade does get wet during your trip be sure to air out the shade before packing away at home.

Byron Bay Beach Tents are made from a durable, mold-resistant fabric, as well as having solid stainless steel & aluminum Beach Tent components which means that even if you won't need to air out the Beach Tent.

Store your Beach Tent in the perfect place

Whether it is in the garage, under the stair, in the shed, or in the boot of your car - it is best to be mindful that the Beach Tent is "safe" and not likely to suffer any damage from impact.

Also, it is good practice to ensure that the storage area for your beach tent is dry and won't get wet.


The beaches mentioned are some of the best in South Australia and offer a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a place to relax and take in natural beauty, go fishing or crabbing, explore by water on a stand-up paddleboard, or participate in nude games, these ten beaches have something for everyone.

Packing up your beach tent can be a breeze with the right tips. Make sure you have all the parts of your Beach Tent before leaving the beach and check that you have everything you need to make set-up easy, including our handy peg bag and hammer.

Doing the small things when it comes to your Beach Tent will ensure that it will be there in many Summers to come.

We look forward to seeing you on the magnificent South Australian Beaches this Summer enjoying your Byron Bay Beach Tent. 

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