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Beach Tent Journeys Victoria Top 6 Must-See Beaches

Beach Tent Journeys Victoria Top 6 Must-See Beaches

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Australians can't get enough of Victoria's beaches, with a mix of fine white sand and golden sand, there are many perfect locations to set up a Beach Tent and enjoy Summer.

We've put together a list of the top 6 of our favourite beaches in Victoria, some a little further off the beaten track than others.

Bells Beach:

There is no surfing beach in Australia that is more renowned than this one. Bells Beach, a world-renowned surfing destination, has held surfing competitions since 1961.

Over the past 50 years it has built a reputation as the location of the oldest surfing competition in the world. It is recognised as a significant listing on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Bells Beach lies 107 kilometres south of Melbourne, 10 kilometres from Torquay, on Victoria's southern coast. Between two headlands, Bells Beach is situated in a small bay. A large amount of its fame stems from the swells that come from the Southern Ocean. In part, the consistency of the beach can be attributed to the fact that the bottom is not particularly sand-covered and therefore is less prone to sand bar movements, which would create a great deal of variability.

The waves can reach five metres when combined with spring tides and strong northwesterly winds, though three to four metres is the average.

Bells Beach Coastline with Beach Tents and Waves

This picturesque beach is a great location for surf-avid beach goers, with some great spots for your Beach Tent. It is also a fun family adventure, with plenty of things to do in the nearby town of Bell's Beach. Although the surf may be a bit rough for younger adventurers, this beach is still beautiful and offers a lot of fun for families.

Forest Caves Beach:

On Port Philip's Island southeast shore, you can visit a beach with a long sandy shore, as well as rock platforms and caves that can be explored at low tide. There are also parking spaces and toilets at this renowned surfing beach, which is also popular with fishermen and bushwalkers. There are no lifeguards on duty here, so use caution when swimming.

Families will enjoy the picturesque beach stroll and exciting fishing excursions. The mild surf, as well as various waves for surfers to catch, will please experienced swimmers. A great beach to set up your Beach Tent to relax and watch the waves roll in.

Apollo Bay:

Apollo Bay is a stretch of sand spanning over 5 kilometres.

Apollo Bay is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike who want to swim, fossick in the rock pools, sunbathe and relax with family and friends. Not far from Apollo Bay you can visit Cape Otway Lighthouse and Aire River Mouth and Tyrendarra Beach

Summer and weekends in the warm months, the beach near the surf club is patrolled, and there are often surf breaks at Tuxion Road. This spot is a favorite with locals and day-trippers alike with the beaches lined with Beach Tents, Coolcabanas, Pop Up Beach Tents, Beach Umbrellas, and Beach Shelters.

There is a sandy beach for swimming, fishing, and surfing, as well as a picnic area on the grassy foreshore.

After you pack down your Beach Tent, if you are early enough and have some time remaining in the day, take a walk through the nearby Otway Ranges forest if you fancy some dry-land exploration. This picturesque location is located 2.5 hours' drive out of Melbourne. You can also take the Great Ocean Road, which is a scenic drive that takes you past Victoria's incredible coastlines.



Summer vacations are popular at Portsea on the Peninsula, where you can swim, surf, fish, discover reefs, sand dunes, and jump off the jetty into the bay. Swimming between the flags is advised because of the rips. Parking, toilets, and other amenities are available at this vacation hotspot.

This beach is surrounded by many picturesque walks. Take a look at the monument which commemorates the first hoisting of the Union Jack in 1802 when Britain took possession of the region (now Port Phillip Bay).

Portsea Beach Walks with Beach Tent

Portsea (front beach - bayside) is definitely one of the most family-friendly beaches featured on this list thus far. With plenty of swimming, fishing, and other water activities for children to have fun with, as well as bustling cafes and calm, scenic walks. Portsea really does have it all. Portsea is located approximately 95 kilometres south-west of Melbourne's CBD.

Popular on the weekends with Beach Tents, Beach Umbrella, Pop-Up Beach Shelter, Cool Cabana etc lining the picturesque surrounds.

Kitty Miller Bay:

The rocky reef-filled entrance and protective headlands of Phillip Island's southern shore ensure a calm swell at Kitty Miller Bay. In addition to the reef's abundance of sea life, you can also meander along the bayside trails. Be on the lookout for the 1906 wreck of the SS Speke. The reef here is teeming with sea life and makes for some incredible snorkelling, plus the swell is generally calm and perfect for swimming. 

Beach Shade Beach at Kitty Miller Bay

Kitty Miller Bay is a 1.5 hour to 2 hour drive out of Melbourne, depending on if you use the toll roads or not. Located on the stunning Philip Island, there is plenty to see and do. With cafes, local amenities, and plenty of history, Kitty Miller Bay is a must-do summer day trip - dont forget to pack your beach tent. 

Refuge Cove:

Refuge Cove is a 3.5 hour drive out of Melbourne's CBD. Because of this, we recommend booking a trip to stay here for the day. With plenty of swimming, snorkeling and calm swells to enjoy, this beach is a lovely spot for families. Plus, it's super affordable and has basic amenities. Refuge Cove is a stunning, affordable, family-friendly beach stay with plenty of open beach for your beach tent set up. 

A walking trail connects Sealers Cove and Refuge Cove, a picturesque out-of-the-way beach. The camping grounds here cost almost nothing to stay at, and have amenities like toilets and drinking water. Waking up to the perfect waters is definitely worth staying for. This family-friendly location makes the perfect affordable weekend getaway when you don’t want to blow your budget.

Your kids will love swimming and snorkelling in the beautiful calm waters of Refuge Cove. And, there’s plenty of scenic views and incredible bush walks for the adults to enjoy as well.

Byron Bay Beach Shelter - the perfect UV Protection companion

Why a great beach shade is a must-have for your beach trip

Beaches, Australians and Sun Shelters go hand in hand. Despite our love of the beach, our sun-seeking way of life has a downside: we are among the worst for skin cancer. Plus, there is nothing worse than a painful sunburn on a family beach trip.

Beach Shelters can help you stay sun-smart and enjoy your beach experience without suffering the negative side effects. Significant UV exposure can be reduced with good-quality sun shelter. If used with other protective measures, like sunglasses and sunscreen, a beach tent is one of the best and easiest ways to protect against UV radiation. Look for products featuring the highest UPF50+ Sun Protection

Byron Bay Beach Shades use a fabric with a UPF50+ rating, the highest rating in Australia for fabric protection.

A beach tent is an investment in the health and safety of you and your family. Your loved ones will be protected from UV exposure this summer under a stylish beach tent that provides plenty of shade and protection against harsh sun rays.

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Byron Bay Beach Tents are built to last and of premium quality. They are some of the best beach tents available on the market today, built to last many Summers.

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Byron Bay Beach Shade Tents have a number of cool designs and are made from premium parts, including marine grade stainless steel and aluminum - designed to withstand salt air & rusting.

One of the easiest Beach Tent to set up the lightweight beach tent kit in a convenient carry bag comes with everything you need for an enjoyable Victorian Beach break.

Byron Bay Beach Tent Muliptle Set Up Options for High & Low Sun positions

Beach Tent Set Up Options High and Low Sun

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Byron Bay Beach Tent Collection

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Our top 6 must-see beaches all have amazing options for a perfect day trip, whether it's close by like Kitty Miller Bay or further away like Refuge Cove (3 1/2 hours outside Melbourne).

No matter which one you choose, we're sure there will be plenty of opportunities to relax on the sand while our premium quality shade shelters protect against harmful UV rays!

A beach tent is an investment in the health and safety of you and your family. Your loved ones will be protected from UV exposure this summer, ensuring that they are able to enjoy their time at the beach without worrying about skin cancer or sunburns.

No matter which Beach Tent you choose, we look forward to seeing you on the beach this Summer.

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