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Top 6 Beach Activities for the Kids outside the Beach Tent

Top 6 Beach Activities for the Kids outside the Beach Tent

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Warm summer days call for a fun day out at the beach! The beach is the perfect getaway spot for you and your little ones. However, you might be wondering how to keep the kids busy while you get some time to unwind under the Beach Tent.

Don't worry. We've got you! Here are 6 ideas to keep them engaged to unleash their creative side and stimulate their imagination.

Girls in Surf at Beach

Do You Want to Build a Sandman?

You've heard of sandcastles and snowmen, but have you heard of sandmen? We guessed not!

On your next beach trip encourage your kids to build Olaf, a new friend made out of sand! They can use sticks for the arms and nose and seashells and pebbles for the eyes and mouth. They can find other beachside treasures to decorate their sandman as well!

And of course, it doesn't have to be a sandman! Let their imagination run wild; they can make forts and other figures. The possibilities are endless!

After they're done building and decorating, admire their work and take a photo. They can use it as their profile picture on Instagram or for their summer scrapbook.

Scavenger Hunt – Beach Style!

Do you remember those rather dull treasure hunts as a kid? Well, it's time to spice them up Beach Style.

You can write down a list of different objects your children have to find.

Allow them to explore the beach and collect as many things as they can find. This activity stimulates their growing minds and develops strong cognitive skills. It’s a win-win situation!

Once they're done, talk about what they've found. You can even build on it and ask them to find other objects that are similar or that go together!

Collecting Shells

What's Your Favorite Shell? Seashells can be a source of endless fun?

Encourage the kids to pick up the different shells around the beach and ask them to guess their names. Let them compare each shell with one another and tell you which is longer, wider, or heavier.

You may be able to use your mobile to help identify the Shell types.

This is a great way to learn and stimulates their curiosity. Just make sure they don't keep the shells when you're done! They can ask for more shells the next time they go out, which is an excellent educational activity that will foster their love of nature.

Beach Shelter Collecting Shells

From Paper to Sand

Remember all those games we used to play with just a piece of paper and a pen?

What if the sand was our paper and a stick the pen?

All you need is some imagination! Your kids can play all sorts of fun games such as Pictionary, tic-tac-toe, and spaceman. This activity is bound to keep them occupied for long! It’s simple, educational, and fun.

Beach Tent fun drawing in sand

Toys for the Sand & the Surf

Bring some beach toys to keep your children occupied during downtime at the beach.

When they have had enough of sitting around under the Beach Tent chatting, toys are a great option.

A few things you can choose from include buckets and shovels for digging in the sand, kite flying, balls and frisbees for throwing and kicking around.

Toys for the water can also be a great option. They include inflatable rings, super soakers, and water blasters for some bathing suit fun! Remember to always keep an eye on the kids when they are in or near the water and always swim between the red & yellow flags.

Beach Tent Kids At Play

Beach Clean Up

The Beach at times can be one of the most littered public places.

Unfortunately, all this litter and plastic makes its way to the sea. This is where it becomes more than just unsightly. It's hazardous to marine life.

So, when you're there with your children, take the opportunity to teach them how important it is to keep the environment clean and how what we do affects others who live near us.

Volunteering to clean up the beach with your kids is a great activity to instill a sense of responsibility towards their planet. Teach them young. They'll incorporate these valuable virtues into their lives later on.

Beach Clean Up

Remember to stay Sun protected - a quality Beach Shade is a great place to start.

With all these fun activities, you and your little ones are definitely going to spend long hours out in the sun.

The sun’s UV rays are harsh and can cause serious damage to the skin, especially with prolonged exposure. But how do you protect yourself from the sun without turning into a tomato? Sunscreens, hats, glasses, protective clothing are all a good place to start.

Bring one of the best Beach Tents on the market is also a great idea.

A Byron Bay Beach Tent offers great protection from the harmful uv rays while being a lightweight beach tent that is easy to carry in its compact carry bag.

Beach Tents that are Built to Last

Byron Bay Beach Tents are made out of premium beach tent canvas, which is water-resistant, anti-fade, and easy to clean.

Premium aluminum & marine grade stainless steel makes a Byron Bay Beach Tent sturdy and safe to sit under.

The Byron Bay Beachlife beach tent protects you and your loved ones from the harmful rays of the sun. It blocks out up to 97.5% UVA and UVB rays. It's tried and tested to the highest Sun Shelter fabric standards!

Unlike pop-up Beach Tents, Byron Bay Beach Tents are among the easiest Beach Tents to set up. This beach shade tent can be set up by one person in minutes, using the Pole Holders to support the Beach Tent Frame or why not let the kids give you a hand?

Spacious enough to fit a family of 4-6, the Byron Bay Beach Tent is spacious and comfortable while offering UPF50+ Sun Protection that won't block your view or breeze, like a pop-up beach shelter.

With numerous cool designs made to reflect the timeless, classic beach lifestyle, you are sure to find the beach tent that suits your style.

What Are You Waiting For? Time to pack up the Kids, throw in the Beach Shelter & head to the Beach?

Whether your kids choose to build a sandman, collect shells, or do any of the other activities suggested above, long hours in the sun can be harmful. Make sure you use a high protection SPF and choose a Byron Bay Beachlife beach tent. They’re built to last using quality materials!

Look forward to seeing you at the beach this Summer playing with the Kids & chilling under your Byron Bay Beach Tent.

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