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August 16, 2021 2 min read

Different people have different needs when it comes to a trip to an Aussie Beach. Whether it's Byron Bay, Bondi or Broome some spend 15mins for a quick swim and other all day on the beach walking, swimming, surfing or just kicking back & relaxing under your Beach Tent. There are just too many options!

But there are a few things that should be in your Beach Trip Kit no matter what your plans :

1. Beach Tent - a must have for all beach trips. A Beach Tent offers many functions & features to help make your Beach Trip a comfortable success. Most importantly a Beach Tent provides Sun Protection (Byron Bay Beach Tents are rated highest level UPF50+) without blocking your view and breeze. The Beach Tent's smart wind-resistant design secured at 6 points in the sand also provides a sturdy structure in the wind. Beach Tents are light, compact and easy to set up in minutes with plenty of Shade for the whole family.

2. Sunscreen - a must have for all beach trips. Remember apply before you head off and reapply frequently, especially if you are swimming often.

3. Sun Hat / Sun Visor- Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is paramount when spending time outdoors. A Visor or Hat helps directly with keeping the Sun ooff your face as well as the heat on your head.

4. Beach Towel- A beach towel is a must when heading to the beach drying off, keeping you off the sand and generally just improving your overall comfort whether sitting or lying.

5. Water / Snacks Food - Hydration is key to keeping cool and staying healthy while at the beach so make sure you bring plenty of water with you, drink it and keep replenishing your fluids throughout your day. Hungry? You will be! Pack some snacks or even better pack a meal in a cooler before heading.

These are just a few quick tips on making your trip to the Beach as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Most importantly the Australian Sun can be tough - stay sun smart & keep it cool.

See you at the Beach.


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