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Beach Tent Journeys. Our Top 10 Beaches To Visit in Sydney.

Beach Tent Journeys. Our Top 10 Beaches To Visit in Sydney.

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The city of Sydney is known for its golden beaches and hectic beach scene. Bronzed Aussies, zinc-slathered noses, tiny Speedos, and surf lifeguards under a beach tent are all iconic representations of Sydney beach culture.

As well as a range of water activities available along the coast for every type of beach lover.

Sydney has several beautiful sections of the coast where you can lay out a towel, set up your Beach Tent, and soak up the sun or enjoy a picnic with some fresh-cooked fish 'n' chips.

 Here are our top 10 beaches you must visit in Sydney.

Bondi Beach

Iconic Bondi Beach is the most popular beach in Sydney. It is a large, golden sand beach located in the eastern suburb of Sydney. Bondi Beach is a great place to spend your weekend with family and friends.

It attracts both tourists and locals from all over Australia. 

In summer, you can see many people surfing or playing volleyball on the vast clean stretch of sand. In fact, it is one of the few beaches in Sydney where surfing (on hard boards) is allowed.


Bondi is Sydney's best beach for people watching, as the activity is always busy.  Additionally, there are plenty of people relaxing

This is a great point from where you can explore nearby beaches and coastal trails of Bondi. If you love surfing, then it's the best place to try your skills with plenty of Surf Schools to suit beginners and lots of waves for the more advanced

There are cafes, restaurants, and bars where you can have delicious food near the beach. Farmer’s market is held on Saturdays where you can buy fruits, vegetables, poultry, and a lot more.

Bronte Beach

The famous Bronte beach is near Bondi beach, only about a kilometer from its South. It is a small saltwater beach with underwater rocks. This sandy beach is a famous destination for families—an attractive rocky beach with crystal clear water.

It becomes difficult to swim because of the rocks, so they have made an area like a large lap pool where children can easily swim. Besides this, there is a rock pool too.


There is a park right before the beach where many people like to hang out. Also, there are barbeque and picnic tables so people there can cook and eat, making it an ideal spot for gatherings.

This beach is ideal for anybody who wishes to spend their holiday in a lovely location.

Freshwater Beach

The freshwater beach is known to be the best beach for surfers. It is located 17 kilometers northeast of Sydney Central business district. This beautiful beach has been popular since the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku surfed on the waves of this beach. 

Many people enjoy learning to surf during the summer, which is why this beach gets a little congested during the season.

There is a 50-meter saltwater pool to the north for lap- swimmers. It is a nice, safe, and clean beach with stunning cliffs.


Besides having fun with the water, you can get something to eat from the nearby cafes and restaurants. Now you can enjoy your lunch with the stunning view of the Freshwater beach.

Shelley Beach

In Manly, Shelley beach is a part of Cabbage Tree Bay, a marine reserve adjacent to North Head and Fairy Bower. It is a relatively shallow beach, especially for snorkelers and scuba divers. There are marine species in the water like cuttlefish, sea dragons, and blue groper. 


The only west-facing beach in Sydney is very quiet and calm. There is Le Kiosk restaurant where they offer mouth-watering steaks and seafood. You clearly don’t have to miss that out.

Coogee Beach

Coogee is one of the famous South Sydney beaches. Families love to spend time near the soothing water waves. You can grab something to eat from the nearby restaurants.

It's a nice picnic place where you can even like to have coffee or lunch with your friends. There is a lot of space to play, hang out, and picnic. To the south, there is a park which has a children’s playground as well. Also, there are benches and barbeque tables.

It has a dangerous shore break which is why there are lifeguards for protection. There are facilities like changing rooms and toilets nearby the shore. Be sure to enjoy the Beach Cliff Walks.


Coogee is a family-friendly beach and a lovely spot to kick back and chill. 

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly is an isolated, small beach near the end of the bay. It is a perfect spot for sunbathing as it’s both sides are constructed of concrete platforms. This is why the water is also calm

and cool. On the southern side, you can enjoy swimming on the saltwater beach. There is a small pool as well.


By Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail, snorkelers can explore a 500-meter trail through the reefs. This beach has diverse marine life and is home to the Blue Groper.

Since the beach is so shallow, it's ideal for families with children. You may spend a full day listening to the sound of the surf and admiring the beauty of this coastline.

This adorable little beach is definitely worth a visit!

 Palm Beach

One of the top 10 beaches to visit in Sydney is Palm beach. This very quiet and hidden beach is quite popular due to its impressive views.

It's a lovely destination to experience natural beauty without much trouble. The entire stretch of a long sandy beach is enclosed by a rocky point at each end, which makes it an ideal location for swimming and surfing.

Palm Beach has been known as one of the best beaches in Australia.


It is also a well-known beach as the famous Australian tv soap “Home and Away” was filmed there. A lot of fans like to visit this beach.

There is a 50 meters long rock pool for swimming. You can also enjoy the view of the beach from the north side. The atmosphere is very chilled and calm which makes it perfect for snorkeling. 

Manly Beach

Manly is a beautiful beach situated on the northern side of Sydney. It is one of the most popular beaches with a lot of activities to do.

You can enjoy swimming, surfing, fishing, and a lot more during your stay on this beach. There are 2 main areas for the surfers at Manly. One is at the south end of the beach and another is just near Fairy Bower. The waves are created by the prevailing wind against the sandbars which are off Balgowlah Heights.

There is a lovely manmade beachfront park here that features many facilities like barbeques, picnic tables, playgrounds for children. You can even go to Manly Oceanworld Aquarium where you will enjoy learning about the underwater world with your family and friends.

Manly is a perfect place for swimming, catching some sun in the sand, and playing ball with your bare feet.  It feels great to walk along the shoreline with your barefoot after coming back from surfing!


Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach is located in Sydney's south and is a popular beach with families and young couples. It is famous for its long stretch of sand and calm, clear water.

A lot of people come here to escape the city life during the weekends. There are many restaurants near the beach so you can always enjoy your lunch or dinner after having fun in the sun.

If you are planning to organize a birthday party, Cronulla Beach is the perfect place for that. You can have an easy time with your friends while enjoying lovely views.

You don’t have to worry about parking and stuff because you can easily find your destination on a train. Yes, Cronulla beach is the only beach reached by train. Its coast covers three more beaches. 

Tamarama Beach      

Tamarama is a cute little beach between two prominent and picturesque headlands.

Popular with the Instagram set Tamarama is the place to be seen.

It is also famous as one of the best places in Sydney where you can enjoy surfing.

People love to hang out and chill with their friends. Also, there is a volleyball court on this beach. You can grab something to eat from the nearby cafés.


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The beach tent poles are manufactured using Aluminium.

Durable & Strong Ropes - connected and ready to go

Ropes are made of marine-grade to offer a durable sun shelter. They come preconnected so no tying annoying knots are required.

Beach Tents are lightweight and have their own carry bag

The beach tent is also lightweight and makes it possible for even one person to set it up.

Solid Stainless Steel Components on all Beach Shade Tents

The beach tent is made of solid stainless steel, making it rust-resistant. It also doesn't jam in the beach sand due to a heavy-duty carry bag zip.

Security Pouch Store you're valuable in the Beach Shelter pocket

The Beach Shelter includes a large and lockable security pouch. Perfect to keep your valuables stored safely and sand-free on your beach trip.

Beach Shelter Specifications

Beach Shelter Canvas is 3.6m long and 1.8m Wide. It weighs only 3.5kg which makes it incredibly lightweight, including the poles.

Beach Tent uses 30cm sand pegs to stay strong even during strong winds. It also includes a Mallet to hammer the beach tent Pegs.

Beach Shetler Ropes are already connected with the beach shelter. and includes pole holders for easy setup.

Last but not the least, Beach Shetler also includes a setup manual with easy-to-follow instructions. You can set up and pack it back within a few minutes. There are also easy to follow video instructions as to how to put up your Beach Shelter in minutes.


The Sydney coastline certainly is a beautiful place. If you're looking for the best beach to visit, our 10 above will not disappoint!

It is important to make you and your family are well protected from the sun's harmful rays.

There are many Sun Shelter options available, we have attached below a handy comparison chart to assist with your Beach Tent choice. Weighing up all of the relevant factors, Byron Bay Beach Tents (since 2013) offers a premium quality Beach Tent that is sure to last many Sydney beach trips for years to come.




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