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Tents for the Beach -  Setting up, Packing Up & Storing

Tents for the Beach - Setting up, Packing Up & Storing

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Tents for the Beach - Setting up, Packing Up & Storing

Who wouldn't want to spend a day at the beach on a warm Summers Day? Quality time at the beach is a great way to unwind, relax and enjoy time with your fellow beach lovers under a range of different Tents for the beach.

Beach Tents are great because they provide shade from the suns harmful uv rays, they are easily transported, and they offer a fun space for the whole family to enjoy.

Let's face it thought all Beach Tents are not created equal, and some are pretty tricky to set up and pack down and store.

Your relaxing day at the Beach can very quickly become an awkward, frustrating Beach Pop Up Tent wrestle.

In this blog post we'll run through :

  • 5 things to consider when setting up a Beach Tent
  • Byron Bay Beach Tents | Features & top set up and pack down tips to make your easy ways that will help make your Tents f

1) Location, Location, Location

Tents for the Beach come in a range of sizes and careful consideration should be given to exactly where you are setting up especially if your Beach Shelter is large.

Generally common sense and consideration towards others will put you in good stead.

If you are on one of Western Australia's remote beaches or on the back beach at Tallows in Byron Bay it is highly likely that you will have space for miles and really just have your own requirements to consider.

However on the more metropolitan Beaches of say Bondi, Surfers Paradise or Glenelg then here are a few pointers that will get the day off to a good start :

  • High Traffic Areas : Beach tents should be set up away from high traffic areas where they won't block access;
  • Blocking Views : Beach Tents should be set up so they don't block other peoples views;
  • Easy Access to the Surf : Think about the water - you want to be close enough to it so that you can get there it a casual stroll to the waters edge;
  • Tent Spacing : Beach Tents should be set up so that each is a reasonable distance apart from one another. This will allow you to have some privacy and not feel claustrophobic in your Tents for the Beach. Remember if you have little ones around then it is best practice not to set up Tents for the Beach too closely together so they have space to play.

Busy Beach with Beach Tents and Beach Shades

2) Sun Position

The Beach Shelter should be set up so that they are well oriented for the duration of your stay on the Beach.

Turning your mind to where the Sun is when you arrive, how long you are going to be on the Beach and when the Sun is going to move to while you are there may save a whole lot of effort in moving everything 5 metres to the left or right on one or more occasions during the say.

Orientation of the beach sun shelter should also be orientated in a manner where there is no extreme hot spots or cold spots just aiming to keep the temperature right all day long.

If your Beach Shelter is set up with good orientation then it is easier to they can stay in place all day long without needing several repositions.

Beach Tent Set Up Multiple Options

3) The Wind Factor & Safety

We would all love a day at the Beach where there is no wind but this cannot always be guaranteed so Tents for the Beach must have the ability to withstand windy conditions.

A tent for the beach that is able to resist strong wind and ensure a stable and secure set up is vital. Beach Shelters are generally lightweight, however they need strength to resist wind gusts.

Beach Tents, Beach Umbrellas, a Pop Up Tent etc should be staked down or pegged in with secure guy ropes, or sand screws in the case of a Beach Umbrella.

Tent pegs are often included with a great beach tent but it is very important that they are solid enough to stand up well against strong gusts of wind, especially if your Beach Shelter has a high centre of gravity.

Gentle Breeze rather than a Gale

Wind protection will make your day at the beach all that more enjoyable keeping the sand from swirling.

Strong winds can be a painful - persistent and relentless - making things uncomfortable for you and your family. However, on a those hot days on the sand a gentle breeze is favourable to allow for great ventilation for your outdoor activities.

When sourcing a location to set up if there is a strong wind blowing or it is likely that the wind is going to pick up choose a spot that suits.

A Sun Shelter Tent that will allow a breeze to pass through it to keep you cool is a great idea. Some pop up beach tent may may help out blocking harsh sun rays but will block a breeze fully when sitting inside (as well as the view) reducing the enjoyment of your day at the beach or park.

Beach Tents Secure and Stable Set up

The last thing you want to happen is your Beach Tent, Beach Umbrella, Beach Cabana, Pop Up Beach Tent or which ever Beach Sun Shelter you have ends up being "up rooted" from the wind and sent flying down the beach with you (and the kids) giving chase.

This is never a good look and certainly not fun.

Integrated sand pockets, sand bags, sand pegs, sand anchor screws, pole holders, beach guy lines and wind ropes/straps are all great ways to provide the Sun Shelter with a solid base.

Even some Beach Shelters that have been staked down can be uprooted by an extreme wind gust. The Best Beach Tents have multiple points of contact with the sand which will hold them securely and help them stay put.

Beach Umbrella Blown Away

4) Pack Down & Storage

Beach Tents need to be easy pack up, transport & store.

The best Beach Tents are are the ones that are easiest to set up and pack down - these will definitely make your life easier.

No one wants a Tents for the Beach that takes forever to set up or take down.

It best to not buy a sun shelter that has lots of parts or is difficult pack up even if it looks good at first glance. Easy Set Up, Pack Up & "Storability" should be considered as important as any other feature.

Pack down

After an enjoyable day at the Beach when it's time to go, the Beach Shelter pack up needs to be as painless as possible. If you have little ones in tow then there will be a multitude of Beach items to gather, brush off and get back to the car, including the kids themselves.

The beach Shelter should have a carry bag or case of some kind, which can either come supplied with your Beach Tent or purchased separately from where you bought them from as an optional extra.


Another factor that should be considered is how your Beach Shelter can be stored once you get home, this will depend on your storage situation and whether they are full size or pop up Tents but generally speaking if the Beach Tents fold down to a compact size then it shouldn't make too much of a difference.

If you are storing your Beach Tent for some time, perhaps your Summer Beach Days have come to an end and it's time to pack it up until next Summer it is important to think about the fabric and components.

High quality materials on some of the best beach tents will mean that your shelter will be good to go for next Summer.

Ideally you want your Beach tent to be completely dry, especially if it has been exposed to salt water.

As well as ensuring your Beach Shelters wont fade out over time heavy duty polyester will allow for you to wash down the fabric & generally will store well even if slightly wet. This type of fabric i generally water resistant Cotton Beach Shelter fabric wont be as forgiving when it comes to ageing and is prone to staining, fading and particularly mould if stored wet for some time. It is best to make sure that Cotton Fabric is fully dry and aired out prior to storing for some time.

Beach Tent Carry Bags

5) Beach Tents - Instructions & How To Videos

Reading a User Manual (whatever it relates to) can be boring and tedious. However sometimes it makes sense to just spend a few minutes to carefully review the instructions to ensure an easy set up.

The best beach tents will always have an instruction manual that comes with your shelter - either printed, PDF or Video Instructions/Tutorials.

These instructions will not only give you a better understanding of how the Beach Tents work but will ensure that your Shelter is set up correctly and safely.

There also may be video instruction available online from manufacturers which show users exactly how to set up their Tents, just search for "How To Setup BEACH TENT NAME" or similar.

Videos are a great way to see Tents set up and packed down as well as other additional features like storage bags, sand bag anchor systems and anti-flap zippers.

A top tip is to access the instruction on your mobile phone while you are on the beach - only just for the first time set up. Watching a video in real time at the beach while you are setting up, step by step will ensure a correct, sturdy set up. The pause button will be your best friend.

Byron Bay Beach Tents from Byron Bay Beach Life

When it comes to designing & refining the Byron Bay Beach Shade the team at Byron Bay Beach Life have really turned their minds to the key factors relating to ease of use to come up with great features on a great beach tent.

Beach Tent Size

Not too little and not too large - just right!

The Byron Bay Beach Tent size makes it the perfect beach tent for remote and metropolitan beaches a like.

Suitable for 1 - 2 people or the entire family (2 adults and 3 kids) when set up the Beach Tent provides approximate 6-8 square metres of Shade.

Unlike larger Cabanas and Beach Shelters that have sand pockets and ropes that stretch out for metres in all directions, the Byron Bay Beach Tent has a footprint on the sand that is considerate yet adequate.

Unlike pop up beach tents there is no need to worry about blocking your fellow beach lovers views with the tent being see through, which is also perfect for allowing the breeze through.

Beach Tent Compact Carry Bag

Starting with carry bag size the Beach Tent Kit is compact at approximate 75cm long x 38cm long x 8cm high weighing lends itself to easy transportation.

Beach Tent Carry Bag

As well as compact size, Byron Bay Beach Tents come supplied with a carry bag that has large strong, straps on either end.

Carrying your Beach Tent could not be easy either over the shoulder, by your side or even one strap over each shoulder, like a back pack, leaving both hands free for carrying other items or the little ones.

Beach Tent Carry Bag Over Shoulders

Light weight Beach Tent Kit

Weighing in at approximately 3.6kg the Byron Bay Beach Shade is on of the best beach tents on the market for

Beach Tent Fabric - Perfect for Storage

A Byron Bay Beach Shade Fabric Sheet is one of the highest quality premium Sun protection sheets available.

No only providing UPF 50+ sun protection factor in the fabric is water proof, rain resistant, easy clean and treated to ensure that fading will not occur.

As well as being tear proof, the Byron Bay Shade Tarp Fabric has anti-mould qualities that provides long term storage benefits.

Perfectly designed so you can fold it up & store over time without worrying about mould or mildew on your Beach Shelter Tarp fabric sheet.

One Person Set Up System - Pole Holders

Byron Bay Beach Life understands that there are those days where it may just be you heading down to the Beach for some much needed R&R. With that in mind they have developed a One Person Set Up System which is a quick and convenient way to enable one person to set up the Beach Tent in minutes.

Marine Grade Aluminium Pole Holders enable an individual to set up the Poles & Frame where it will stand and hold itself steady while the Beach Shelter Canvas is placed over it and the ropes and peg are securely fastened into place.

VIDEO - Byron Bay Beach Life has provided a Set Up Instruction video on One Person Set Up which demonstrates how quick and simple it is for one person to set up the Beach Tent.

Beach Tent Connected Ropes & Clips

There are a number of Sun Shelters on the market where the ropes and clips come unattached to the sheet and you have to be a master-knot-smith to attached everything, often while you are trying to set up in a breeze and the kids in tow.

Byron Bay Beach Shade Tents are designed with a No-Knots System of Ropes & Clips that don't require knots or fiddly bits to set it all up. This makes setting up your Shelter simple, quick and easy.

Beach Tent Connected Ropes

One of the huge benefits to Byron Bay Tents is that Clips and Tarp are connected, meaning you don't have to fiddle with trying to tie knots while your shelter is flapping in the breeze.

With a No-Knots System you will kicking back after an easy setup relaxing on the sand.

Beach Shelter Easy adjust Guy Rope Clips

A Byron Bay Beach Tent has four solid Guy Rope Clips that are already attached to the Beach Tent Canvas.

These are easily adjusted and "tightened" by pulling the ropes tight which ensures that the canvas is sturdy and the Beach Tent is secure in the wind off.

VIDEO - Byron Bay Beach Life has provided a Set Up Instruction video on Beach Shade Tension which demonstrates the benefits of keeping the guy rope clips tight and the tent securely held down to the sand.

Beach Tent Guy Rope Clips

Six points of contact with the Sand

Picture this scenario - It’s a sunny day at the beach, and you have your Beach Umbrella up. You have been sitting in the shade for a while now, but it is starting to get too hot so you decide to get up and go back down to the water. But as soon as you stand up from your chair, an unexpected gust of wind sweeps across the sand and blows away your Beach Umbrella!

The Beach Umbrella starts rolling quickly towards the water with no sign of stopping anytime soon. People screaming and jumping out of the way. With a bit of luck your Beach Umbrella stops when it hits the water or you manage to race it down, hopefully without hitting someone first.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately this is a common scenario that is occurring every weekend at beaches across Australia.

Why? A Beach Umbrella only has one point of contact where it is secured to the sand, unfortunately no match for a strong wind gust.

Beach Umbrella Blown Away

A Byron Bay Beach Shade has six points of contact with the sand - each of the six points of contact are providing a secure anchor point to keep the Beach Tent in place during wind gusts and windy days.

Strong 30cm Sand Pegs are provided with the kit that will ensure a deep fixing into the hard sand.

Six points of contact with the sand really makes a difference when you are trying to relax and enjoy your day at the beach! By utilizing six point secure anchors for anchoring down your Beach Shelter, Byron Bay Tents will provide peace of mind that you wont be the one chasing a Beach Umbrella down the beach.

VIDEO - View how a Byron Bay Beach Tent with its six anchor points demonstrates strong wind resistance.

Multiple Set Up Options

Being at the beach all day is a lot of fun, but remember to be prepared for when the Sun shift and you may find that your Beach Shelters Shade has shifted and left you baking without UV Protection.

The best Beach Tent is often the one that has the ability to adapt and offer flexibility in set up to allow for all day sun shade.

A Byron Bay Beach Tent has five sets of eyelets in the canvas that allow for a range of set up

A-Shape for High Sun

The classic set up option - using the middle Beach Tent eyelets and is the perfect set up for when the Sun is high in the sky allowing plenty of shade and enough space for you and the family.

Beach Tent Classic A-Shape Setup

L-Shape for Low Sun

If you like to hit the Beach early in the day or find yourself still on the sand towards the end of the day then quickly adjusting the tent to the L-Shape is a great option.

Simply pulling out the pegs and sliding the canvas to the front or back eyelets and securing the pegs with provide a properly set tent to that will find you and the family back in the shelter and protection of the suns rays.

Beach Tent LShape Set Up

One Person Pack Up

Unlike pop up beach tents, a Byron Bay Beach Tent is as easy as it is to pack down as it is to set up.

It is designed to be a breeze for one person to pack down with a over sized carrying bag to ensure that you don't end up wrestling the Beach Tent back into its bag which is a common issue with pop up beach tents.

VIDEO - Byron Bay Beach Life has provided a Pack Down Instruction video on One Person Pack Down which demonstrates how quick and simple it is for one person to Pack Down the Beach Tent.

Instructions - Printed, Online & Video

Instructions do make life easier, even though they can be a little painful at times to follow.

Byron Bay Beach Life provides a number of ways to find and follow the simple processes of setting up & packing down a Byron Bay Beach Tent.

There are 3 ways to source the Beach Tent Instruction

Instruction card comes with the Kit

A handy easy to follow Instruction Card is Included in the Kit.

Beach Tent Instructions

Beach Tent Instructions Back

Instruction card available for download Online

If you have misplaced your Instruction Card, no need to worry the same card is available to view or Download Online.

Easy to Follow Instruction Videos

Prefer to view a set up video instead, no worries, Byron Bay Beach Life has an informative Beach Tent set up video available online and on Youtube.


At times Beach Shelters of various shapes and sizes can be a hassle to put up, take down depending on the Tent and the conditions on the beach on the day.

Following the simple tips below will help with getting the most enjoyment out of your day at the Beach :

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Sun Position
  • The Wind Factor & Safety
  • Pack Down & Storage
  • How to Instructions & Videos

Byron Bay Tents have been designed with the above in mind which makes them stand out as one of the best tents on the beach.

The Summary Table below provides a quick check guide to must have features & components

Beach Tent Byron Bay Set Up Pack Down Storage Quick Reference


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