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Beach Tent Journeys 10 Magical Western Australia Beaches

Beach Tent Journeys 10 Magical Western Australia Beaches

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Western Australia offers some of the best beaches in Australia, making it a popular place for beach enthusiasts. You can find plenty of beaches to explore and set up your Beach Tent on your west coast adventure because of the incredibly diverse coastline.

From the white sand and azure seas to red rocks on the shore, the west zone has it all. Take a road trip from Perth to Esperance along the southwest coast to see some of our favorite sites, or just select a suitable beach to set up a beach tent for a relaxing vacation.

Here are some of our favorite and most beautiful beaches in Western Australia.

 Top 10 Beaches to Visit in Western Australia

Cable Beach

 One of the most beautiful beaches globally, with turquoise waters and white sand, is located in Rottnest, Western Australia. An ideal setting for a beach tent and a beach view that is visually pleasing.

This coastline is composed of rolling dunes where the red soil changes to a light orange color and then turns to pure white sand as it approaches the turquoise Indian Ocean. Seeing a sunset from Cable Beach is a rare opportunity, and you can take it all in. You can ride camels at sunrise and sunset on the northern parts of the beach, beyond a rocky area. On the cliffs to the north, four-wheel-drive vehicles are allowed. At low tide, you can explore the beach in a much more comprehensive manner than would otherwise be possible on foot, especially in the summer.


The beach deserves its reputation as one of the best in the world. Cable Beach is a wonderful place to walk, play beach cricket, drive a 4WD to tailgate, ride camels, swim, and have a picnic on a beautiful grassy lawn at night. A great place to start a beach trip by kicking back on your Beach Chairs and watching the sunset.


There are endless beaches and ocean views in this little town of Esperance, a coastal jewel. The best Esperance beaches would be incomplete without Lucky Bay, located within Cape Le Grand National Park. Probably the most well-known of Esperance's beaches is Lucky Bay, best known as the kangaroos' home. There is nothing more adorable than seeing their cuddly companions frolicking on the beach or relaxing in the sun.

The five-kilometer-long beach will allow you to find a secluded spot regardless of how many people are present. Locals love fishing from the beach, and you can also enjoy the boat launching facilities. Lucky Bay offers a fantastic campground that you can now reserve in advance, making it a great site for setting up beach shelter for the day. Located within Cape Le Grand National Park, Hellfire Bay is another gem. Because this beach is less popular, you may even be able to have the entire beach all to yourself. 

Wharton Beach is another beach within Cape Le Grand National Park. The trip from Esperance to this spot takes about an hour, but it's totally worth it. If the driver is a deterrent, try making the trip over several days and camping at Orleans Bay Caravan Park instead.


 Monkey Mia

Due to its geographical location, Monkey Mia has exceptional weather all year long. You can get to Monkey Mia by car or by plane. There are many things to do in Monkey Mia, but seeing the native bottlenose dolphins should be top of your list.

 At least once in a lifetime, everyone should have the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures up close and personal in their natural environment. It's a truly unforgettable experience to be able to walk in ankle-deep water with dolphins swimming around you.


Enjoying the sun during the day is always wonderful, but there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sunset from the deck of a magnificent sunset cruise. Renting a cruise in Monkey Mia is one of the most pleasurable things to do, and it gives you a great chance to observe the sunset over the Western seas off the coast of the Peron Peninsula. Travelers who enjoy exploring coastal views and experiencing off-road adventures will find this itinerary enjoyable.

 Gnaraloo Bay

The unspoiled natural beauty of Gnaraloo Bay makes it a top surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and fishing destination. It only takes 2 hours to fly from Perth international airport to Carnarvon, which is the gateway to Gnaraloo. Gnaraloo Bay is 140 kilometers away (mostly unpaved roads) from there. 

Gnaralloo is a great destination for surfers if you love the blazing power and intensity of the waves. The turtle rookery at Gnaraloo Bay contains one of the world's most significant populations of endangered loggerhead turtles, which are found only in a handful of confined areas. Just an early morning beach walk will allow you to see migrating humpback whales, dolphins, and turtles. This is an opportunity to be close to nature like never before.


 It is ideal for kitesurfing or windsurfing in the afternoon breeze right off Gnaraloo Bay beach. Moreover, you can explore some of Ningaloo's coral gardens on your own if you bring your mask and scuba gear. Gnaraloo Bay's awe-inspiring views and fresh breeze are worth experiencing. Make sure you don't miss out.  

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay, in Western Australia, is famous for its white dunes, turquoise waters, and limestone cliffs. You can enjoy seaside activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

You can take a beach shade to enjoy the 2.3km (1.4mile) long sandy beach for a longer time. The beach is usually calm with only a few small waves. This is a great place to swim for novice swimmers and enjoy with your families with young children.

Don't forget to enjoy a walk along the beach and around Bunker Point. It will take you to Shelley Cove, a beach of about 70 meters (230 feet). Keep in mind to take a snorkel to explore the waters' rocks.

You can also do some pleasant walking at Meelup Regional Park, near Bunker Bay. Many trails wind through the reserve's natural bush habitat. During your excursion, keep your eyes open for wildlife like western ringtail possums and the beautiful hooded plovers. It's a great place to see whales, including humpbacks, southern right whales, blue whales, and minke whales.


Ningaloo Reef

A major ocean paradise on this planet, the place, is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. As the world's largest fringing coral reef system, and the Ningaloo is the world's longest coral reef system. The beach stretches 300 kilometers down the Gascoyne Coast of Western Australia.

You can enjoy swimming with dozens of types of colorful tropical reef fish in Ningaloo Reef Lagoon's crystal clear turquoise waters. Visiting this place will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Here, you'll find the clearest turquoise water you've ever seen, along with pristine coral gardens. There is also the option of taking part in an eco-adventure cruise, where you can find large amounts of marine life. An area filled with marine life will allow you to get close to nature. If you are looking for a relaxing and natural experience, visit Ningaloo Reef.

Turquoise Bay

Are you interested in swimming with turtles and snorkeling just off the beach? Look no further. This is the appropriate location for you. The Ningaloo Reef is situated near the shore to witness the underwater world in its full glory just a few meters from the beach. A trip to Exmouth, located on the Coral Coast of Western Australia, is worth making for its Turquoise Bay, a popular tourist attraction. There are plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, or simply lounge around and enjoy the scenery within meters of the world-renowned Ningaloo Reef.


This area offers you long, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, with coral gardens accessible by just a short swim off the beach. You can take a short swim and enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches with clear waters, surrounded by coral gardens. Take part in the outstanding drift snorkeling experience, which is considered one of the best snorkeling experiences in the world. It is appropriately called a blue beach due to the turquoise blue water that surrounds it. You can see various marine animals such as sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, dugongs, and manta rays.

Eighty Mile Beach

The world's longest uninterrupted beach in Western Australia is Eighty Mile Beach, located halfway between Port Hedland and Broome. In addition to fishing and shell collecting, Eighty Mile Beach is well known for its beauty. As you relax on the beach, admire the spectacular sunsets and sunrises with breathtaking views of nature.

In the evening, the beach became quiet, and the fisherman started to leave as soon as the low tide came in. The waters of 80 Mile Beach are stunning azure. Only a thin navy blue line separated the horizon from the sky. It is also an important nesting site for turtles.

Aside from its fishing reputation, it is also an important feeding area for migratory birds, making it a great place to view birds. Eighty Mile Beach attracts an astounding half-million migratory shorebirds from breeding grounds and feeding grounds in the polar regions every year

Since it is permitted, you can enjoy the view of the sea and drive to the beach. There is a caravan park at Eighty Mile Beach that offers camping, caravans, and cabins. You can also pitch a beach tent if you wish to stay close to nature. Take a vacation with your loved ones and escape the busyness of modern life. Be sure to set your beach shade tents up at 80 Mile beach there is plenty of space to enjoy the solitude of an amazing environment and a chilled vibe.

 Scarborough Beach a must for a day under the Beach Tent

Scarborough Beach is renowned for being a favorite among teens and surfers.

You can easily reach Scarborough Beach by bus from Perth, which stops regularly. A place you can go with your family and enjoy the natural view. The long stretch of white sand and swell attract surfers and bodyboarders. Especially in the afternoon, Scarborough Beach is a great place for kites and windsurfing. Let's find out what more the place offers to you.

You can enjoy the grassy areas, barbecues, and gazebos with your own food and a picnic. On Scarborough Beach, there is now a brand new public pool with an open-air format. Furthermore, the pool includes a world-class recreation facility which is a reliable reason to visit the place. The gym and cafe are open all year long, making it your new favorite place to be.

Due to its abundance of housing, Scarborough Beach is a popular summer tourist destination. To ensure the safety of the public, Surf Life Savers frequently monitor the beach. Summer events like beach cricket are also held in Scarborough Beach's outdoor amphitheater. For summer vacation, it's an ideal place to beach shelter and cam yourself.

Being a metro beach it is highly likely that you will see a range of Beach Shelters at Scarborough including beach tents, beach umbrellas, coolcabanas beach shelters, pop up tents, beach umbrealla, gazebo style beach tents, sunplay, neso beach tents and more.


Marmion Marine Park

This snorkeling and diving paradise is located to the north of Perth. Residents and tourists can explore the limestone reefs, caves, underwater passages, and crystal-clear lagoons at the Marine Park. (During the season) you can also go whale watching there.

You can reach the marine park by boat from Hillarys Boat Harbour and Ocean Reef. The beach in front of Mettams Pool even offers a snorkeling site for beginners.

A variety of marine creatures can be found on this coast, including seabirds, dolphins, sea lions, rays, and a host of other marine species. Also, during September and December, you may see humpback whales migrating through this area.

Casting a line from one of the permitted shore fishing spots can provide you with the chance to catch salmon, and tailor. You can even take a fishing boat outside the sanctuary zones to catch a bigger one. Definitely, a great place to visit during your vacation.


Western Australia Beach Conclusion

The Western Australia coast is a beautiful place to visit for your next beach adventure. You can find beaches that are perfect for surfing, family fun, or just relaxing with friends under the shade of an umbrella you've brought from home. With so many options available in this area alone, it's hard to pick which one will be best suited for your vacation plans! So why not spend some time looking at all these 10 different locations and choose the one that speaks to you most?  

Don't forget your Byron Bay Beach Tent - the perfect companion for your WA trip.

Taking the right Beach Tent to the Beach in WA is crucial. It ensures the comfort of you and your family, but also protection from the WA Sun some of the harshest

Trying to work out which Byron Bay Beach Shelter Design works for you - let us help out.

Beach Tents design can be a little tricky, here are some thoughts on some of our retro-cool Byron Bay Beach Shade designs.


The tropical design of this tent is breathtaking, and the care taken with the details is unrivaled. The simplicity of use and low price will appeal to you. These tents are also waterproof, so there are a lot of different setup possibilities as well. Such a beach shelter offers plenty of area for the entire family. It even includes an internal pocket that is lockable to keep your wallet, keys, purse, mobile safe while you are cooling off in the water.


Beach Shade THE ICONIC

Why is this beach shade called the iconic? It has a very distinctive retro cool look, and it’s designed with premium finishes in mind. Unlike a pop up beach shelter it can be set up in minutes. Not only that, but it’s very compact and easy to carry. You can set it up in just a few minutes, and it can stop up to 98% of all UV rays. The package has all the items you need to set it up, including a beach tent carrying case that makes it very portable and a pleasure to use.



If you’re looking for a simple, yet classic beach tent, this is a great option. The Nautical Yellow Beach Tent is a beach shelter that blocks the UV rays in no time, and its zips won’t jam into the sand. The pole and pole holders are anti-rust, made of aluminum. The product itself will block most UV rays, it’s very compact and lightweight, not to mention it’s anti-fade too. That’s why it can be the ideal investment for anyone that wants a good beach tent.


This product has a more classic, simplistic design, but it’s just as efficient and dependable as the other beach shades. What makes it great is the fact that it blocks UV rays, it has the UPF50+ certification from ARPANSA, and you can set it up in just a few minutes. As with all the Beach Tents, The Classic also comes with 12 months of warranty and a great kit to set it up in multiple positions depending on the location of the Sun.


Dont forget to take a look at our other two popular Beach Tents : Beach Tent NAUTICAL BLUE & Beach Tent THE RETRO.


This clip is a great way to see the full beach Tent Range in action including :

  • Beach Tent Nautical Blue
  • Beach Tent Nautical Yellow
  • Beach Tent The Tropics
  • Beach Tent The Retro
  • Beach Tent The Classic
  • Beach Tent The Iconic

Byron Bay Beach Tents can be set up in minutes

If you want to enjoy a great day at the beach, it’s a very good idea to take your Beach Tent along for the ride.

Beach tents can protect you from UV rays while keeping you healthy. In addition, Beach Shades are water-resistant and they provide very good wind resistance too. They also come with reinforced corners and they are easy to install in minutes.

Here are a few pointers on how to set your Beach Tent up

  • Start with the frame

First, you want to connect and then lay down the crossbar, so you know where you will set up the shade. Then you want to place those green tube holders at any desired end of the crossbar. Make sure that you hammer the pole straight, but only halfway into the sand. This offers resistance, while also making it easy to adjust as well.

The next thing you want to do is to snap lock the upright poles, and once you do that you must insert a pole in each one of the holders. Then you want to connect the cross bar at the top, and you will have a great, freestanding frame.

  • Add the canvas

Now that you have the frame of your Beach Tent, the next thing you want to do is to place the canvas over your frame. You can use the middle eyelet so you can hook on to the pole spoke, and ensure that your canvas is hanging properly on both sides. If it’s uneven, intense wind will destabilize it. So what you want to do is to make sure that the canvas is always hanging on both sides.

  • Manage the ropes and pegs

Beach Tent Pegs are best inserted at a 45 degree angle back towards the Beach Tent. Then take the corner rope, then loop it around the peg hook, and once you do so, you attach it to the black hook clip back up and keep a tight tension on the rope. Do the same for every corner. It is best to check these pegs & ropes often, and also keep the tension on the rope tight.


Beach Tent Instruction Video :

Once set up your Beach Shade Tents will be sturdy against the stiffest of breezes - unlike a Beach Umbrella

Certain Beach Umbrellas can are lightweight and easy to throw in the boot of the car. However, beach umbrellas don't provide a lot of shade and while they are easy to set up, they can be tricky keeping in place, particularly in the stiff winds of WA.

No doubt you've witnessed at least one or two beach umbrellas flying around the place in your time. Once a Beach Tent is set up with strong tension on the ropes, it is there to stay, with 6 connected points to the Sand - 4 sand pegs and 2 pole holders.

Beach Tent Conclusion

Beach tents are an excellent investment for anyone that wants to enjoy a day at the beach without risking skin damage or getting sick. Beach Tents block UV rays, offer good wind resistance and they're easy to set up in just minutes too. For more information on how you can get started with your own Beach Tent purchase, contact us today!

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